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By Denny E. Marshall.


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Mars Night Café

(Based On The Vincent Van Gogh painting “Night Café”)


After hard day of work in mines

Visit Faraway Night Café

Located on red planet mars

At the base of Olympus Mons


Patron’s backs bent permanently

From staring down into their drinks

Stories sand grains in hourglass

Frozen like hands of clock on wall


Then look away around the room

The mind wonders from place to place

Lamp radiates like tiny sun

Like copy of painting on display


Round number ball on pool table

Imagine is earth and moving

Small trays of spirits and substance

Mix in with shots of loneliness


Even millions of miles from home

Madness rides a traveling ghost

Internal like the universe

The sadness will last forever



Spirit Clouds Reply


Sheep never said

Slaughter the buffalo

Snakes in the grass

Never hinted to tiger

Kill elephant for ivory


Sharp claw bear roars

Bees never buzz

Cut down redwood trees

Lightning never ask

Forrest to be cut

Without fire or rebirth


Fox never told

Beaver by shore

To build larger dam

Wind and water

Never encouraged earthquake

To move mountain in one night


Fish in lakes and oceans

No dying whales tell them

To cut off shark fins

Amazon river

Didn’t whisper to grasshopper

Cut down the rain forest


Watching for eons


Unimpressed with man

Except the wise teacher

Sees from eagle eyes

Listens to wilderness speak


Original teachers vanish


Or sent to reservation

All this time

The savage

In the mirror



Early Warning


From the sky, nightmares drip like hail

Dreams fall softly as feather snow

Bright lightning wooden ships set sail

Long winding winds direct the show


Thunder calls out across the way

While clouds still gather, pile on thick

Grow ears to what the heavens say

Swirling motions move slow and quick


Predictions unfold in the dark

Climax pumps like blue beating heart

Songs pour downward sing with a bark.

Pictures below all ripped apart.


Statue of truth we cannot make

Rise from the deep sleep still awake





The window twisted open

In a spiral motion

Stories on the street

Drive by like speeding chapters

A hammer can hit you

When you take the time to see

Happiness can take control so easy

When your mind is unconcerned

Still plugged in but not on

Is anything really important

Except the things you can’t see or touch

Or love

Still with no real definition



Story Of the Stars


Sat on the roof of the old house

The shingles faded with stories

The distant calling smoked hills

Border the earth and the stars

Calling like an original frame

The rustic whispers cry like wings

Voices from history and present

Soar across the deep night sky



Sixteen Haiku






lie to young daughter

“yes, Santa and his reindeer”

asteroids arrive


planet X coming

direct path to kill us all

so don’t ask Y



always in spin cycle

to avoid dryer


no one


earths address


atlantis returns

landing in clouds and light rain

slow tears from the sky




animals dream


in space, gas and clouds


dust rains


martians seen future

move all to the new planet

unoccupied Earth


new robots for sale

with feelings or no-feelings

i could not decide


after all this time

you finally found a job

then beamed aboard


you fall fast asleep

wake in unfamiliar place

alien table


aliens arrive

with no spaceship or journey

born in the earth core


egyptian builder 

will help build great pyramids

voted giant spheres


aliens return

items stolen years ago

thousand dinosaurs


aliens approach

three body parts join and say

"we come in pieces"



Light Effect


The sun erupted

Light rose like erosion

To wash away

The night’s collection



Spiral Arms Sky


Border of spiral galaxy

Mountain asteroid city shines

Tall ice castle’s close together

Surface cover of cold light snow

A slight lean towards heavy side

Slow spin rotates towns and shadows

From balcony long arms reach out

From hundred million miles away



Underwater Sky


The sea of the universe rotates

Waves of ocean with water-drop stars

Wishing you were close enough

To look into below the surface

Share with all the spirit-voices

Floating windows into the deep



Ode To Amanda


She emerged winged-foot from the sky

Like an angel in Apollo’s shadow

Fathers from the heavens fingers

Announce with thunderbolts and lightning

Messages drift above to form shapes

In different layers of colored clouds


Lands on a mountain cap with harp

Notes cut like ribbons to reveal

Distance between the long still islands

In the stoke of beating heart and rhythm

Held my hand like feathers falling

Fell through her like warmth reclaimed


Up ahead rotating pastures play

Scenes of tall castles golden shine

Strong winds unfold the darkness away

Where loneliness once walked freely

Transforms into along with her eyes

Only sunshine regardless of the hour



Space & Time


One cold wind chill night

Sitting in a dark room

Fully wide awake

Eyes intense

In a dreamlike state

Feeling a chill leak through

The cracks of the building

Looking out the picture window

And the street lights outside

I gaze up

And see the full moon

Spinning down towards me

Filling the room

I leave and take its place

Way up in the sky

She looks up and says

"Your closer now"

I go forever

Visiting another galaxy

Never finding

A star like her



A Rite Of Wrong


Mistakes can make you feel

Lingering and secluded

The present can breathe to life

Conceptions of the past

Standing on the edge of the soul



2:20 A.M.


There is a thief

In my house

Silent and immortal

It takes no money

Or possessions

It only robs me

Of my sleep



Prescription #L


Heard in a song

Love is a drug

If that is true

Then hate must be

A fatal disease

Please I want

You to live

Take your pills



The Clock


In my silence, will time heal all

For constantly I hear her call

All my life never felt so low

The clock in my heart runs so slow


The pain I have time cannot feel

Cut up with words as sharp as steel

The wounds are hidden deep below

The clock in my heart runs so slow


Now the days seem to drag on by

When I was with her time would fly

The ache ticks on I watch it grow

The clock in my heart runs so slow



The Last Ride


Let us ride the universe forever

Long before arriving at heavens gate

Let the lords of good and evil play with fate

While the grand gatekeeper holds the lever


Worldly ties will completely sever

With keys of time, no voids to hesitate

Journey across space a believer

Long before arriving at heavens gate


When the final day comes to deliver

Pointed upon the calendars last date.

Let the mighty lords know we will be late

The last breathe a message to receiver

Let us ride the universe forever.



A Ship In Flight


The arrow

Goes out spinning

Fast and far

Landing on a orbit

Near spheres and stars

That can see

And shine

Like curves in space

In her rotation

I feel the gravity



Lost On A Line


Oh, please take me

And lead me to that place

That her and I discovered

In the darkness

We found the border

The line between man and women

Is blurred

And gets lost in the moment

We swam on the edge

So far out

Discovering unforgettable



Land of a Million Ghosts


Long before Salem witches

Ghost roamed the Great Plains

Natives respect dark shadows

No battles at stroke of night


Fields of a thousand voices

Hide behind rows of darkness

Stories ride fertile valleys

Whisper across dusty trials


In sparse conditions

Spirits occupy all corners

Footprints call like thunderstorms

Voices from void scream on the range


Each blade of corn and grass

Transforms in moonlit sky

Those who find a signal

Silent and scared to death


Every year more arrive

From crowed graves and cities

Lost roaming herds grown larger

In great Midwest gathering



She Is Radiation


She is light, like the stars,

A reactor in my heart, in a way

Or a ray, I see my freedom decay,

So nuclear, with her love

Spills the fallout my way, in the neon

Of my life, she radiates all day.

She is radiation, like the glow in her face.

The signals, the bright lights

That she turns up on me, the energy,

The half-life’s; in her eyes I see green,

Like secrets, like a mission,

I see her on my screen, in the neon

Of my life, she radiates all day.

She is radiation, radiating from the inside



I See Your Vein  (Part One)


I see your vein marked and stabbed

A sword of pain you are trapped

In the castle, I see the night

A darken shadow a stream of light

I see your vein and feel the blue

The lion statues they seem to move

Out by the gate near the arch

I see your silhouette in the marsh

You are alone with the moon

I see the holes within a room

I see the vein the one that bleeds

Break the drawbridge out by the trees

The stone carvings they seem to talk

I see the armies when you walk

I see your vein and feel the blue



Mystery Lady


She smiles so flashy

Even with her eyes

When she comes around

It still drags in my mind


Like the sun behind the clouds

She comes and she goes

She’ll punch my heart

Until I explode

She is a mystery lady

No one know her name


We’ll dance and carry on

In the shadow of the moon

Like Cinderella at midnight

She has to leave very soon

She is a mystery lady


When she comes around

In a black silk dress

Does not need an introduction

She is higher than the rest



Shelter Me From The Storm


Every eye is violent

Every breath a gust

Every minute is measured

My heart turned to rust

Can’t bury the lightning

That I know I must

Every sound is your voice

Every face your bust


Shelter me from the storm

I cannot make it on my own

Without you in my life

I feel so empty and alone


Every pain is deep

Every rest is restless

Every thought of you

Always leaves me breathless

I do not want any number

You are the best

I felt your thunder

I do not want any one else


Not long ago

Felt like a king

I lost my heart

Fell from the throne

Like a hurricane

Shelter me from the storm



Sinning Is Easy


Grew up in a world

Of season and change

When we are growing up

So many thing seem strange

Took in the beauty

Of the mountains and range

Learned how to love

And how to be cruel

For every honest deed

That is done

Broke as many rules

Sinning is easy

It is nothing new

Looked at life

From a crystal ball

Whole flashed become me

In no time at all

Felt both same and pride

Low and ten feet tall

Sinning is easy

It is something we all do



Money, Money


Cable and gas, electric and phone

Rent and insurance, payments and loans

Garbage and water, groceries and cloths

Interest and taxes on all that I own


Money, money is mine to make

Money, money is yours to take

When I get my check

Everybody else gets paid





The stage is set

And the curtains down

There’s no one there

When you looked around

You want to act

But you can’t act now

So many scenes

That you want to do


A act comes up

You want to do

You read the lines

It’s an act for you

The part is perfect

You’re playing the fool

When you’re yourself

You’re being cruel


Two-faced, one on each side

One to show, one to hide

Two-faced, one on each side


When you say no

You really mean yes

When you say maybe

It’s a big mess

When you say nothing

We all get a rest

When you talk a lot

You say even less


Two-faced, one on each side

One to show, one to hide

Two-faced, one on each side





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