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By Denny E. Marshall.


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B&W Artwork (Online)

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Jazz Tempo

Echo Of Arms

Past Whispers Of Mountains

Oval Eyes

Singing Idol

B Button & B Packpack

Bumble B

Disc Galaxy Of Funnel Universe


The Gray Mouse

The Funnel Universe


Glass & Saucers

Matinee Face

The Last Promise

R Clops

Eight Legs E

M2 With M Wings

Wading The Gravity Stream


Galaxy Glider

Funnel Vision

The Listener

Purse Invasion

Intruder Into The Funnel Universe

Slow Mutation

Brain Stems

Wizard Mask

The Melting Man

Sounds Of Pipes

Stone Plains Face

Scales Two


Ghost In The Wall


The Ride

You Turn

The Lamp

Shaken Not Stirred


Take-Off Signal

Landing Signal

K 2 With K Clouds

Branch Reincarnation

The Warrior's Cry

Pipe Dreams

No Borders In The Key Of E

Cracked Not Broken

Multiply Thoughts

Slowly Losing Thoughts

Shelf Life

The Hatchling

Stretched To The Limit


Ink Of Loss

Lasting Thought of the Blue Man


Skull Star

Trapped In A Fantasy Jungle

20/20 Vision


The Electric Side

Rocket Robot

In The Cold

Walk The Talk

Thumb Of A Demon

Cinder Cale

By The Wall

Julia's Mole

Single Cell Satellite

Spoon Talk

Fork Art

The Naming

Fantasy Ride

Behind A Small Web

To Hide In Layers

Two As One Mind

Venomous Creature

Dancing With Words

Raining Something Deep

Between The Lines

Victim Road

Six Eyes

Newfoundland Lighthouse Terror

Spiraling Out Of Control

The Orphan

Intruders In The Duct Way

Tree Of Knowledge

Standing On End

Light Of Ideas

A. Lee Inn

Fighting With Good And Evil