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Updated Feb. 16th, 2019 (Now over 150 drawings on this site, with artwork links)

Art, artwork, original artwork, Denny E Marshall, science fiction, fantasy, Sharpie Art,  Society of Misfit Stories

"Membrane Leakage"
Cover Of Society Of MIsfit Stories
Feb. 2019

"Attack From The Space Fabric Rip"
Cover Of Scifaikuest #60 May 2018
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"Pyramid Towers Of Spiritwall"
Cover Of Askance #43 March 2018

"Two Moons"
1st Published in Dreams & Nightmares #107
September 2017

"The Band"
Reprinted in Altered Reality
Feb. 2018

Science fiction, artwork, cover art, Dreams & Nightmares, Denny E. Marshall, Original art, drawing, fantasy, Denny Marshall, publishers"Phantom Call"
Cover Of Dreams & Nightmares #110
September 2018

artwork, computer artwork, scifaikuest, science fiction, fantasy. original   "The Signal"
Cover Of Scifaikuest August 2018
(Note:Original drawing shown. Cover Designer added & changed drawing. Not sure why?)

"No One Nose The Title"
Book Cover Of Stories Of High Strangeness

Cover Of Ray X X-Rayer #139 Feb. 28, 2018

"Still Among Us"

Reprinted in The Horror Zine

Oct. 2017