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Updated Jan. 14th, 2020 (Now over 150 drawings on this site, with artwork links)

Denny E. Marshall, Denny Marshall, Scifaikuest May 2019, original artwork, fantasy, art, science fiction, magazines"Floodlights Deco"
Cover Of Scifaikuest
May 2019

science fiction, science fiction art, Denny Marshall, Denny E Marshall, original artwork, magazines, Taylor Swift, real news, website"Pyramid Towers Relocated"
Cover Of Third Wednesday Spring 2019

Art, artwork, original artwork, Denny E Marshall, science fiction, fantasy, Sharpie Art,  Society of Misfit Stories"Membrane Leakage"
Cover Of Society Of MIsfit Stories
Feb. 2019

"Two Moons"
1st Published in Dreams & Nightmares #107
September 2017

"The Band"
Reprinted in Altered Reality
Feb. 2018

Fantasy, Book cover, Denny E. Marshall, Denny Marshall, paranormal , art, original artwork "22 Stories"
Commissioned Book Cover For
"22 Stories Falling Up"
By David Lawrence
Dec. 2019

 sci-fi, science fiction, fantasy, horror, art, original art, Denny E Marshall, Denny Marshall, Bards & Sages Quarterly
"The Chamber"
Cover Of Bard And Sages Quarterly
July 2019

artwork, science fiction artwork, Scifaikuest, Denny Marshall, Denny E. Marshall, original artwork, art, magazines."Voyager"
Cover Of Society Of MIsfit Stories
May 2019

Science fiction, artwork, cover art, Dreams & Nightmares, Denny E. Marshall, Original art, drawing, fantasy, Denny Marshall, publishers"Phantom Call"
Cover Of Dreams & Nightmares #110
September 2018

Artwork, science fiction, fantasy, original artwork, Denny E Marshal, Denny Marshall, magazines
"Guardian Of The Wormhole Intersection"

1st Published in Dreams & Nightmares 114

Jan. 2020