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Updated April 14th, 2019 (Now over 150 drawings on this site, with artwork links)

Art, artwork, original artwork, Denny E Marshall, science fiction, fantasy, Sharpie Art,  Society of Misfit Stories"Membrane Leakage"
Cover Of Society Of MIsfit Stories
Feb. 2019

"Attack From The Space Fabric Rip"
Cover Of Scifaikuest #60 May 2018
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"Pyramid Towers Of Spiritwall"
Cover Of Askance #43 March 2018

"Two Moons"
1st Published in Dreams & Nightmares #107
September 2017

"The Band"
Reprinted in Altered Reality
Feb. 2018

Denny E. Marshall, Denny Marshall, Scifaikuest Feb. 2019, science fiction, artwork, horror, original artwork, Scifaikuest"Sloth"
Cover Of Scifaikuest
Feb. 2019

Science fiction, artwork, cover art, Dreams & Nightmares, Denny E. Marshall, Original art, drawing, fantasy, Denny Marshall, publishers"Phantom Call"
Cover Of Dreams & Nightmares #110
September 2018

artwork, computer artwork, scifaikuest, science fiction, fantasy. original   "The Signal"
Cover Of Scifaikuest August 2018
(Note:Original drawing shown. Cover Designer added & changed drawing. Not sure why?)

"No One Nose The Title"
Book Cover Of Stories Of High Strangeness

"Still Among Us"

Reprinted in The Horror Zine

Oct. 2017