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Updated Feb. 16th, 2018 (Now over 150 drawings on this site, with artwork links)

"Invisible Hand"

Cover Of Bards & Sages Jan. 2018
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1st Published In Stinkwaves Fall 2017
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  "The Planting"

Cover Of Bards & Sages April 2017
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"Two Moons"
1st Published in Dreams & Nightmares #107
September 2017

"The Band"
Reprinted in Altered Reality
Feb. 2018

  "Little Gremlins"
Cover Of Scifaikuest #58 Nov. 2017
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"Planet Eating Worm Dragon"
Cover Of Askance #42
October 2017

"Counter Clockwise"
Cover Of Dreams & Nightmares 106
May 2017

"Peeking Thru"
Cover Of Tightbean #275 Jan. 2017

"Still Among Us"

Reprinted in The Horror Zine

Oct. 2017